Manual Handling Courses

Majority of work-related injuries are a result of poor manual handling in the workplace, with back injuries being the biggest cause of staff absence in the UK.

Training in simple manual handling techniques such as how to move and handle loads safely, and learning the best practices for pushing and pulling large items can significantly reduce the risk of manual handling-related injuries.

Here at 1st Choice, we offer manual handling training courses in and around the UK, designed to help your employees towards a healthier work life.

Once your team has attended our manual handling courses, they will know how to look after their body and move around the workplace with safety and confidence.

Enlisting your team in our manual handling courses is highly beneficial to your business and you’ll begin to notice a reduction in absenteeism and decreased risk of work-related illnesses in the company.

To enable companies to manage the health and safety of their people during the pandemic, 1st Choice Safety has launched a brand new portfolio of virtual classroom training courses, including our virtual classroom manual handling course. To find out more or to book a course, please complete our Course Enquiry form. We look forwarding to hearing from you.

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What type of courses are available?

At 1st Choice, our manual handling courses are aimed at all levels of employees who undertake manual handling operations in their job roles.

The two main courses that we offer are Manual Handling of inanimate objects, such as carrying, moving and lifting large items and the moving and handling of people.

The inanimate object courses are for your everyday industries, factories, offices, supermarkets etc. where your staff would be expected to move and lift products from various heights.

The moving and handling of people courses are mainly for care homes, hospitals, school etc. This course is designed to teach your staff how to protect themselves and the person being moved from injuries and also covering the legal requirements regarding the handling of people in various environments.

These courses comply with the Manual Handling operations Regulations 1992 and can be delivered at your premises at a time that suits you.

Why choose us?

Our trainers come from experienced backgrounds such as Physiotherapy, NHS, Ambulance, and Fire Service and are all highly trained in various aspects of Manual Handling, so you can be assured the skills you receive are from the best of our resources.

These can be a certificate of attendance or Ofqual.

Protect the health of your employees with our specialist courses

Serious workplace injuries can be avoided if your staff are trained with the right knowledge and understanding on how to carry out manual activities in the workplace.

Investing in these training courses is an investment in the health and safety of your employees and your business.